offering Classic Voiceover & Readings


I've enjoyed Janet's readings of British classics for many years. She has a remarkable ability to alternate and distinguish voices and accents. What a pleasure to hear these stories in British English and Diction! 

- Nancy Stein, Artist & Listener

Growing up in England listening to the BBC's many radio programs, I was fascinated by those disembodied voices coming out of “the wireless.” They set my imagination free to paint vivid pictures, follow gripping stories and meet unforgettable characters.

In 1999, after several years in advertising (London, England), feature films (Hollywood) and science education (San Francisco), I found my own voice as a programmer with KWMR, Community Radio for West Marin in Northern California ( To date, I have read over 80 books, fiction and non-fiction, on Turning Pages, which airs every Monday and Friday morning from 10 to 11. You can find excerpts from many of these readings on this website, along with my commercial voiceover and audio book demos, and my produced radio pieces.

Trained by Samantha Paris' Voicetrax San Francisco, I strive to bring a blend of straight narration and character-driven talent to the world of radio, audio books, and commercial voiceovers.

When reading literature for KWMR, Janet Robbins not only takes us back into another time but, with her voice and understanding of story, she brings the literature forward, into our lives and our hearts, where the written words mingle with our own memories.

- Muriel Murch, RN, BSN,
Author of The Bell Lap: Stories for Compassionate Nursing Care